Working with Tables


Dinamica EGO 2.2 introduced a new table type called Table Type. Tables are a very flexible way to represent model inputs and outputs. Unlike the Lookup Table Type, Tables can contain several columns, each how can be indexed by several keys and it is possible to store real numbers and strings.

Calculating Areas

To highlight the benefits of using Tables, let's start changing one of the tutorial lessons to use table to calculate areas more effectively. The original lesson uses a loop to calculate the forest area for each one of the Amazon states. But what if we want to calculate the are of all land-use classes for each state?

Using Lookup Tables we were forced to use several Muxes to keep track of the area of each land-use class individually. This does not scale very well because the addition of new classes to the input map requires changes to the model itself. Tables provide a better solution to this problem.

I suggest the customization of the functor “alias” used by the functor in the model. They make the model easier to read and interpret.