Calc W. Of E. Probability Map (Calc Weights of Evidence Probability Map)


This container calculates a probability map applying the Weights of Evidence method.


Name Type Description
Landscape Categorical Map Type Map of land use and cover classes.
Weights Categorical Map Type Weights of Evidence coefficients.
Transitions Transition Set Type List of transitions for which spatial probability maps will be calculated.

Optional Inputs

Name Type Description Default Value
Cell Type Cell Type Type Data cell type. Unsigned 8 Bit Integer
Null Value Null Value Type Null value. Default


Name Type Description
Probabilities Map Type Map of probabilities.



The spatial transition probability maps depict the probability of a cell at position (x,y) to change from state i to state j. The spatial transition probabilities are calculated for each cell on the landscape raster map and for each specified transition. Dinamica employs the Weights of Evidence method, which uses a general polytomous logistic equation (see equation) to select the most favorable areas for each type of transition. The calculations are made using spatial variables stored in the GIS.

Cross-tabulation of multitemporal maps to produce transition probability maps.

Internal Name