Calc Similarity of Differences


Submodel Calculate the minimum fuzzy similarity using maps of changes.


Name Type Description
Initial Map Categorical Map Initial map of simulation period.
Observed Map Categorical Map Observed (reference) Map.
Simulated map Categorical Map Simulated map.
Use exponential decay Boolean Value If true, the similarity is calculated using an exponential decay function truncated by the window size. Otherwise, a constant function is used within the specified window.
Window size Integer Value Only odd number are accepted
Print Similarities Boolean Value If true, print the values of the mean similarities on the application console.

Optional Inputs

Name Type Description
Exponential Decay Divisor Real Value Attenuation factor of the exponential decay function.


Name Type Description
Similarity Table The minimum similarity.
Similarity map Map The minimum similarity map (map)


This operator calculates the map of differences between a initial map (first one of a time series) and an observed map (last one of a time series) and the differences between an initial map and a simulated map (the simulated one corresponding to the observed map). Then, these maps of differences are used by CalcReciprocalSimilarityMap to derive the minimum similarity value. All calculations are performed using a constant decay function.


Internal Name