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Load Categorical Map


This functor loads a map from a file whose cell identifiers represent categories. The file name and its path must be specified. If the map found at this path does not have category identifiers, this functor will automatically determine its category identifiers.


Name Type Description
Filename Map Filename Name of the file that contains the map to be loaded. Dinamica automatically determines the file format from a selected file extension.

Optional Inputs

Name Type Description Default Value
Load As Sparse Bool If true, the map is loaded as a sparse image. Sparse images have the advantage of storing only the cells containing non-null values, but they have diminshed access time. False
Define Null Value Bool This flag forces the cells with the same value of the “Null Value” parameter to be treated as a null cell. This is particularly useful for assigning a missing null value to a GeoTiff data. False
Null Value Int Value used to represent null cell. The “Define Null Value” flag must be set in order to define a null value. This is particularly useful for assigning a missing null value to a GeoTiff data. 0
Suffix Digits Non Negative Int Number of digits used to represent the image file name suffix. 0
step Non Negative Int Current step or model iteration. Files with the same name and numbered suffixes will be loaded sequentially according to the model step. None
Workdir Workdir Workdir folder path. None


Name Type Description
Map Categorical Map The map loaded by the functor.



See also Load Map for loading maps whose cells represent categories.

For a list of file formats that Load Categorical Map can load, the supported projections and datums, check the supported map formats.

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