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Varying parameters in a simulation

Nothing should remain constant in a dynamic model. In this respect, Dinamica EGO enables to vary model parameters either in different simulation phases or at each time step. In the Stack tab, a set of Select Functors can be used to change the values of input parameters according to the model step.

Using different transition matrices

For examples, instead of using only a constant transition matrix, Select Transition Matrix enables the use of different transition matrices in a simulation.

To start, load the model “simulate_deforestation_using_multiple_transition_matrix.xml” from \ advanced\multiple_parameters\simulate_deforestation_using_multiple_transition_matrix

Using more than one transition matrix in a model is quite simple. In this version of a deforestation model, Select Transition Matrix was added to allow the choice of a transition matrix according to the model step. Each transition matrix is entered in a Number Transition Matrix, click on this functor with the Edit Functor.

Matrix Number in this functor indentifies the model step in which this transition matrix begins to operate. The model will use this matrix until it finds a Number Transition Matrix with Matrix Number that corresponds to the current model step, while from this point onwards Select Transition Matrix switches to the new transition matrix.

TIP: you can use as many transition matrices as time steps. You just need to add more Number Transition Matrix functors and number them according to the model time intervals.