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Double Type

A double number denotes all fractional and non-fractional values.

This value is defined as a double precision floating point number, according to the IEEE754 standard.

Any numeric type can be automatically converted to double and doubles can be automatically converted to any other numeric type (Int Type, Non Negative Int Type and Positive Int Type). Doubles can also be automatically converted to String Type and Bool Type.

GUI Editor

Graphical representation of the double editor

EGO Script

Doubles in Dinamica EGO uses the standard representation for floating point numbers.

  • 1, 2, 198 etc.
  • -1, -2, -198 etc.
  • -1.002, -2321.3441, -198.4455 etc.
  • 5.45e-32, -34.211e+45 etc (MeE, where M is a mantissa and E is the exponent denotes M*10P)