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LESSON 13: Creating local Submodels and using a Submodel in a Model

== Now that you have initial knowledges of Submodels on Dinamica EGO, we would like to demonstrate and explain how to create a Submodel and next we will learn how to use this Submodel created in a Model.

For this, using the model developed in the previous exercise, we will answer the following question: How is the productivity for each crop along the analyzed period?

Let's go! Select the functors of the Model that should be included in the Submodel:

With this selection active, Click on Edit tab and next on the Create a Submodel to convert all selected functor into a local Submodel:

In the Submodel Editor Window, insert a Submodel name (Calc Most Productive year) and define the input and output ports to this Submodel.

Now, our Submodel has been created: