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Calculate Value


This container calculates a value employing a logic/algebraic expression.


Name Type Description
Expression Image Expression Algebraic or logical expression used to calculate the lookup table.

Optional Inputs

Name Type Description Default Value
Use Default Value Bool If true, a default value will be passed as an output of the algebraic/logic expression in case an algebraic error occurs, e.g. division by zero. False
Default Value Double Value to be passed in case an algebraic error occurs. 0.0


Name Type Description
Calculated Double The calculated value.



The list of mathematical and logical operators that can be employed in the logic/algebraic expression can be found in the image expression reference. Note that the operators and functions described in Image Operators and Functions and Image Neighborhood Functions can not be used in value calculations.

The tables used by the “Calculate Lookup Table” must be provided by a corresponding Number Table and the values must be provided by a corresponding Number Value.

Internal Name